Exclusive technology

XPREStank® consists of prestressed concrete panels with exterior post-tensioned plastic covered steel cables that keep the elements together for a perfect seal. 

Our exclusive technology ensures a number of advantages as fast installation, durability, low maintenance and flexibility to produce different sizes and volumes according to your needs.

Our tanks offer optimal safety with 10-year warranty on tightness, seal, and structure elements. After the 10 years, it is possible to order from our specialists a general control review.

7 reasons to choose XPREStank®

  • it is produced and delivered much faster than cast-in-situ concrete tanks and has longer durability
  • it is resistant to most substances; our tanks can be used to store almost any product
  • it is better than tanks made by steel material due to no rust or corrosion possibilities
  • it does not burn in fire as other tank materials like plastic or polyethylene
  • it keeps water cool reducing the risks of weed plant or bacteria growth
  • it is resistant to any extreme weather condition
  • it is a lifetime product; our tanks are the most economical solution over the years!

Areas of use

Our customers:

  • Small, medium and big size farmers
  • Municipalities and local authorities
  • Agricultural or Industrial contractors and distributors
  • Rural development organizations
  • Private investors

EU funds support farming development for EU members. Contact your local representative for more information

Our tanks are available in different heights up to 6 meters and can have a volume capacity up to 7000 m3 to cover all your needs.

Our experts will offer you the right tank you need:

  • Manure and slurry storage
  • Biogas production
  • Fish farming or aquaculture
  • Fermentation
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Recycling container
  • Water disposal
  • Liquid and solid material storage
  • Septic storage
  • Much more

Contact our representatives for more detailed information including land preparation and excavation works.


Quick installation

We deliver the tanks to your location and we assemble the elements mostly in 1 day, or in 2-4 days for bigger tanks

  • Wall panels and other elements are made in our modern factories with the highest quality controls
  • Our unique technology and design make the tanks perfectly tight avoiding risks of leaking or cracking
  • According to the use, the tanks can be covered with a concrete lid or with a roof of special rubber canvas
  • We provide you all necessary information for the installation including ground preparation and excavation
  • The tanks can be disassembled and reassembled



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